Pickup Magnets – What’s the difference between them?

Should you get alnico 2s in your Tele neck pickup? Alnico 5s? What about in your Strat? Should you use all alnico 5 magnets?

What’s the big difference between them anyway??

We put together an easy-to-understand graphic that will help in your decision making. And, of course, we custom build pickups and can use any type of magnet that you’d like. We can even mix and match them for you. For instance: the E, A, & E strings could have alnico 5 magnets and the D, G, & B strings could have alnico 2 magnets. And they could all be different length magnets.

That would be good when you, for instance, play a Strat and think the high E string is a bit too “ice picky” and want to tone it down a bit. Or, if you play a Tele and really want to emphasize the twang, you may want us to build you a pickup with taller D & G strings using alnico 8 magnets and the rest of the strings using alnico 5 magnets.

There are INFINITE possibilities! But… we are here to custom build you the pickup that works the way that you want it to work so let us know!

Here’s that graphic for you…