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GROUND LOOPS – What are they & how I can avoid one?

Ground loops can cause humming and buzzing in your guitar. Period. Do they ALWAYS cause humming and buzzing in your guitar. No, not 100% of the time. But wouldn’t you rather eliminate the possibility if you are rewiring your guitar? The traditional way that guitars are wired is to have a common ground for both […]

Arrrrgh!! Why can’t I get my guitar to stop buzzing??

The age-old single coil guitar problem… BUZZING & HUMMING. Why won’t it stop?? To cut to the chase, your single coil pickup functions as an antenna of sorts. That is, it picks up and magnifies outside signals (electromagnetic interference) very well. Signals from transformers (such as ballasts in fluorescent lights, neon lights, computer monitors, TVs, […]

Pot Values – How do they affect my sound?

The big question… Do I use 250k, 300k, 500k, or 1meg pots in my guitar? Well…┬áthe answer is… it depends. The way pot values work is this: the lower the number on the pot (25k, 100k, 250k, etc), the more highs the pot will attenuate (or bleed off) from your signal the higher the number […]