Centralab Mylar-In-Oil Tone Capacitors – .015mfd, .022mfd, .033mfd, & .047mfd Values


Centralab mylar-in-oil caps… a GREAT upgrade!


Hoagland Custom, located in sunny Fernandina Beach, Florida, has specialized in custom guitar wiring and pickup making for over 25 years…

& we love what we do!

Non-inductive mylar-in-oil caps, these Centralab tone caps use oil-soaked mylar as a dielectric material and are VERY smooth and natural in sound!

  • “Grey” – .015mfd value – spices up your humbuckers & P-90s! The least warm cap of the group. Will allow the highs to shine thru but not too much
  • “Snow White” – .022mfd value – normally used with humbuckers & P-90 style pickups
  • “Jet Black” – .033mfd value – a great choice of you are running a humbucker AND a single coil.
  • “Royal Blue” – .047mfd value – normally used with single coils – Bleeds off the most highs. Will tame a really ice-picky pickup.

We love them!

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Capacitor Values

"Grey" – .015mfd value, "Snow White" – .022mfd value, "Jet Black" – .033mfd value, "Royal Blue" – .047mfd value