“COUNTRY/COUNTRY ROCK” Telecaster Loaded Pickguard Package


Turn that cheap Squier Tele into a MONSTER!

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Hoagland Custom is a guitar custom pickup & wiring shop located in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

This is a custom, handcrafted loaded Telecaster electronics package just chock full of the BEST COMPONENTS!

We have paired our handcrafted and very popular “DANNY GATTON” Telecaster 4-way switching wiring harness with our “Texas Specials” set of custom-wound pickups and your choice of pickguards for an AMAZING PACKAGE!

This LOADED TELE PICKGUARD PACKAGE pairs your choice of pickguards, a set of pickups, and all new wiring in a single, easy-to-install package!

If you have ever wished that you had the benefit of 2 different values of caps to roll into your tone, this is your harness! Danny Gatton had a .022mfd cap (normally used for humbuckers) and a .047mfd value cap (normally used on single coils) installed on his tone control. The center point of his tone control rolled in zero amount of cap. When he rolled it down toward “0”, it rolled in one cap value and when he rolled it up toward “10”, it rolled in the other cap value.


It incorporates series/parallel 4-way Tele switching and is chock full of premium quality parts! It fits right into the Tele electronics cutout and is simple to solder in. We include a very easy-to-understand wiring diagram.


Daniel Wood Gatton Jr. was born in Washington, D.C., in 1945. The son of a rhythm guitarist, Gatton started playing at the age of nine. From 1960–64 he played jazz guitar with the Offbeats, then worked as a session musician in Nashville. When he returned to Washington, he drew attention in the 1970s as a member of Liz Meyer & Friends and other local bands. He recorded his debut album, American Music (1975), followed by Redneck Jazz (1978) with pedal steel guitarist Buddy Emmons appearing as a guest. He founded the band the Redneck Explosion.

Although Gatton could play most genres of music, including jazz, blues, bluegrass, and rock, he was known as a country and rockabilly guitarist. He toured with singers Roger Miller and Robert Gordon. He was sometimes called “The Telemaster” and “the world’s greatest unknown guitarist”. Guitarist Amos Garrett called him “The Humbler” for his ability to defeat other guitarists in “head-cutting” jam sessions.

Nine years after his last album, he released Unfinished Business (1987), an eclectic collection of pop, rock, and country music that Guitar World magazine named the tenth best album of the 1980s.


  • CTS volume control, 250k value, audio taper
  • CTS tone control, 1meg value, linear taper
  • Sprague “Orange Drop” capacitors (2), a .022mfd value and a .047mfd value
  • Oak Grigsby brand 4-way lever style switch
  • Switchcraft mono input jack
  • Control plate (chrome, black, gold, or nickel)
  • Dress washers, mounting screws
  • vintage style, cloth covered wire
  • tech support phone & email


  • P1 – neck & bridge pickups, in-series (15% higher output & better tone!)
  • P2 – neck only
  • P3 – neck & bridge pickups, in-parallel (normal Tele tone)
  • P4 – bridge only


  • Your choice of white (5 or 8-hole), black (5 or 8-hole), parchment (5 or 8-hole), mint green (8-hole),  paisley (5-hole), or tortoise shell (8-hole)
  • Pickguard mounting screws


  • ~ Neck – a smokin’ hot 9.2-9.4k! – (with alnico 5 magnets)
  • ~ chrome neck cover included
  • ~ Bridge – a screamin’ hot 10.1-10.4k – (unplated baseplate included)
  • ~ Wax-potted to eliminate squealing & microphonics
  • ~ Vintage-style, cloth-covered leads
  • ~ Handcrafted with all “Made in the USA” parts (bobbins in North Carolina, magnets in Arkansas, pickup wire in Wisconsin, lead wire in New York)This is a warmer, bluesier tone neck pickup than stock.  It features a slightly taller resulting in a badass sounding neck pickup! Not your typical muddy tone that you’re used to in that old stock Tele.The bridge pickup is WAY overwound (+40%) with a thinner coil wire resulting in a more compressed &  resonant tone. Usually, when you overwind a pickup, it results in a hotter pickup with less highs, more mids and lows UNLESS you overwind it with a thinner coil wire. Using a thinner coil wire and a slightly taller bobbin results in a snappy, open, marginally brighter tone. Interesting combination…There are a lot of variables that go into creating, or recreating a tone. While each item in your signal chain is important, no one item will do the job. Pickups, along with the way your guitar is wired, are probably the most important parts in your signal chain. Changing out the pickups/wiring has the biggest impact on your sound. If you are looking for a better-than-stock-Fender tone, THIS is where you start.Premium quality pickups that are handwound when you order them. We can custom-tailor the winding or the types of magnets to any spec that you’d like.

While all of our pickup and wiring solutions are made to be installed easily by most do-it-yourself’ers, we always recommend that you have your local guitar professional install them for you. There are a lot of variables that can occur (grounding problems, cold solder joints, etc., etc.) and your local guitar professional is very well versed on the solutions to those issues.

Contact Hoagland Custom with any questions regarding this loaded “COUNTRY/COUNTRY ROCK” Telecaster loaded pickguard.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in
Hardware Color

Chrome +$0, Black +$5, Gold +$8, Nickel +$0


White 5-hole, 1-ply +$0, White 8-hole, 3-ply +$2, Black 5-hole, 1-ply +$0, Black 8-hole, 3-ply +$2, Parchment 5-hole, 1-ply +$0, Parchment 8-hole, 3-ply +$2, Mint green 8-hole, 3-ply +$2, Paisley 5-hole, 1-ply +$15, Tortoise 8-hole, 3-ply + $12


Chrome, domed +$0, Chrome flat-top +$0, Black, domed +$3, Black, flat-top +$3, Gold, domed +$3, Gold, flat-top +$3, Nickel, domed +$1, Nickel, flat-top +$2, Water buffalo horn, domed +$10, Simulated ivory, domed +$4, Boxwood, domed +$2, Tigerwood, domed +$2