Hoagland Custom “Jimmie Vaughan” model Stratocaster Wiring Harness


You bring the talent. We’ll supply the kick ass wiring…


Hoagland Custom, located in sunny Fernandina Beach, Florida, has specialized in custom guitar wiring and pickup making for over 25 years…

& we love what we do!

This is a Stratocaster wiring solution built with high quality parts and crafted by hand. This wiring harness will give you great service for years! We only use the highest quality parts for our wiring harnesses.

This Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster wiring harness is modeled after the Fender® Custom Shop “Jimmie Vaughan” model guitar.

Jimmie Lawrence Vaughan was born on March 20, 1951 in Dallas County, Texas, to parents, Jimmie Lee Vaughan and Martha Jean Cook. Raised in Dallas, Texas. Vaughan moved to Austin in the late 1960s and began playing with such musicians as Paul Ray and WC Clark.

In 1969, Vaughan’s group opened for The Jimi Hendrix Experience in Ft. Worth, Texas. It was at this show that Vaughan lent Jimi Hendrix his Vox Wah-Wah pedal which Hendrix ended up breaking. In return, Hendrix gave Vaughan his own touring Wah-wah pedal.

Jimmie Vaughan developed his own easily recognized personal style. He formed the band The Fabulous Thunderbirds with the lead singer Lou Ann Barton and harpist Kim Wilson, bassist Kim Ferguson, and drummers Mike Buck and Fran Christina. (The original Fabulous Thunderbirds were all protégés of Austin, Texas blues club owner Clifford Antone). The band’s first four albums, released between 1979 and 1983, are ranked among the most important ‘white blues’ recordings. These early albums did not sell well, so the band was left without a recording contract for a couple of years (during the time when Vaughan’s younger brother achieved commercial success). During this time, Vaughan played lead guitar on fellow Texas blues musician Bill Carter’s 1985 album, Stompin’ Grounds, also playing Carter’s most well-known song, “Willie The Wimp”, which would be introduced a year later to Stevie Ray Vaughan and played on live albums.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds got a new contract in 1986, and made several albums with a more commercially popular sound and production style. Vaughan left the band in 1990, and made his only “duo album”, Family Style, with his younger brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Before the album’s release, Stevie Ray died in a helicopter crash along with three members of Eric Clapton’s entourage in East Troy, Wisconsin, on August 27, 1990. The album was released a month after the accident. The artist listed on the album was “The Vaughan Brothers”. The album was light, blues-influenced rock, with Jimmie Vaughan singing on several tracks.

According to what we’ve been able to find, his choice of pickups are the TexMex style.

We custom wind pickups as well so, if you’d like a set of bluesy sounding TexMex pickups wound specifically for you, we can do that!

Will buying and installing this wiring harness make you play the blues like Jimmie Vaughan? Of course not. Will you be able to get the same tone out of your Strat that he gets? Not without his fingers on your hands. Will it make your guitar sound better than it does today? Absolutely.

HARDWARE:  (incl. dress nuts & washers, & switch mounting screws)

  • chrome (standard)
  • black, $10 upgrade (dress washers/nuts, screws)
  • gold, $10 upgrade (dress washers/nuts, screws)
  • optional “Pure Tone” premium output jack, $6 upgrade


  • Sprague “Orange Drop” poly capacitor, as standard & no additional cost
  • MojoTone Dijon Premium Foil/Film capacitor, $3 upgrade (From the manufacturer: “Mojotone Dijon capacitors are high quality foil/film capacitors made to our exact specification. We like to call them musical capacitors because of their good tone and transparency.”)
  • Mallory “Mustard” capacitor, $4 upgrade
  • Centralab “White” mylar-in-oil capacitor, $13 upgrade
  • Tai Han “Blue” paper-in-oil capacitor, $16 upgrade


  • P1 – bridge only (lower tone control)
  • P2 – middle & bridge (lower tone control)
  • P3 – middle only (no tone control – raw pickup tone)
  • P4 – neck & middle (upper tone control)
  • P5 – neck only (upper tone control)


  • 1 CTS or Bourns Pro Series volume control, 250k value, audio taper
  • 2 CTS or Bourns Pro Series tone controls, 250k value, linear taper
  • Sprague “Orange Drop” poly capacitor, .022mfd value
  • 5-way lever style switch
  • Switchcraft mono output jack
  • Gavitt vintage style, cloth covered wire
  • easy to follow wiring diagram
  • tech support phone & email

While all of our wiring solutions are built to be installed rather easily, we always recommend that you have a guitar professional at your local guitar shop install it for you. There are a lot of variables (pickup brands & types, shielding, grounding, etc.) and your local guitar tech is well equipped to solve any installation problems you might have and get your guitar sounding it’s best!

Contact Hoagland Custom with any questions regarding this wiring solution, our custom, handcrafted Hoagland Custom pickups, or any other guitar wiring solution that you might need.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

chrome (standard), black +$10, gold +$10


Sprague "OD" poly cap, Mojo Dijon poly cap +$3, Mallory "Mustard" cap +$4, Centralab "White" mylar-in-oil cap +$13, Tai Han "Blue" paper-in-oil cap +$16

Output Jack

Switchcraft mono output jack +$0, "Pure Tone" premium output jack +$6