MATCHED SET (4) 500k CTS Pots, 2 Audio, 2 Linear, Short, Split Shafts


CTS Matched pots help create GREAT tone… 



This is for a set of 4 digitally metered & matched CTS 500k short shaft potentiometers. There are 2 audio taper (volume pots) and 2 linear taper (tone pots).

This is a brand new set of 4 CTS 500k short-shaft pots. They are primarily, but not exclusively, used in guitars with P90 or humbucker pickups.


  • 2 CTS 500k short-shaft, split-shaft, audio taper pots (used for volume)
  • 2 CTS 500k short-shaft, split-shaft, linear taper pots (used for tone)
  • threaded shaft diameter of 3/8″
  • threaded shaft length of 9mm
  • fits US-made knobs
  • all 4 pots guaranteed to meter no less than 500k and no more than 550k (at 72 degrees)
  • all 4 pots guaranteed to meter within a 20k spread (at 72 degrees – for example, 500k-520k or 525k-545k, etc)

Pot values (and even pickup values) change as the temperature goes up or down. The hotter it is, the higher the pot values. The colder that it is, the lower the pot values. Our pots are all metered at 72 degrees.

Our Hoagland Custom Matched Pot Sets will not vary more than 20k from the highest to the lowest values. Standard 500k pot set have a +/- 15% variance and can range anywhere from 425k to upwards of 580k. Our Hoagland Custom Matched Pot Sets will ensure that your P90s or humbuckers are getting the full, dependable, predictable load and enhance the resonant peaks of your pickups for the maximum and best tone & punch possible.

CTS pots are the Gold Standard in guitar pots today. Matched CTS pots are the BEST you can buy!

For guitars with cheap, imported volume & tone controls, this is a MUST HAVE UPGRADE! It will give you a more dependable guitar and a guitar with better tone!