MojoTone “Dijon Coupling Capacitors” – a premium poly cap – .022mfd & .047mfd values


Mojo Dijon Coupling caps… our best poly cap!


Mojotone Dijon capacitors are high quality foil/film capacitors made to our exact specification. We like to call them musical capacitors because of their good tone and transparency.

Consider the benefits of film/foil over metallized designs. The construction of film/foil requires aluminum foil and a dielectric film to be stacked, rolled, and wrapped. The leads are then welded directly to the foil. Due to the required thickness of the dielectric, film/foil capacitors can be recognized by their generally larger size over metallized types.

The electrode of metallized types are actually a very thin layer of metal which is sprayed directly onto a thin dielectric. The leads are welded onto the thin metal layer.

So, in comparison, the film/foil will generally be more robust in build and quality as well as in performance over the metallized type. Since its electrode is a solid sheet of foil with sizable surface area, the film/foil can withstand higher voltages and currents over the metallized type at the same frequency. Think of a heat sink. The larger the sink, the better it is at dissipating heat. The film/foil design maintains better stability under use, so the capacitance value does not travel as much over time, and it can handle faster duty cycles at higher voltages.

Polypropylene over Polyester: Polypropylene will generally have lower ESR, better capacitance stability, a lower dissipation factor, more stability at high frequencies, and lower self inductance.

Capacitance: .022mfd – .047mfd
Tolerance: 10%
DF 10Hz MAX: 0.1%
Dimensions (mm): 20 x 14

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Capacitor Values

.022mfd value (humbuckers, P-90s), .047mfd value (single coils)