“Stevie Ray Vaughan” Strat Style Wiring Harness Kit – Hoagland Custom


High quality parts help create GREAT tone…


Hoagland Custom, located in sunny Fernandina Beach, Florida, has specialized in custom guitar wiring and pickup making for over 25 years…

& we love what we do!

We are a DIY based shop, that is, we carry a TON of parts and tools for the do-it-yourselfer.

This is a complete “Stevie Ray Vaughan” Stratocaster style 1 volume, 2 tone control, 5-way lever switch wiring harness kit. It includes everything that you need (aside from the soldering gun) to build a very high quality wiring harness for your SRV Strat or other 1 volume, 2 tone control Strat style guitar.


  • 1 – 250k CTS or Bourns Pro Series audio taper, short-shaft (3/8″ or 9mm) volume control
  • 2 – 250k CTS or Bourns Pro Series linear taper, short-shaft (3/8″ or 9mm) tone controls
  • 1 – .022 value Sprague “Orange Drop” capacitor
  • 1 – 5-way lever style switch
  • 1 Switchcraft output jack
  • 3′ of vintage style, cloth-covered wire (18″ each of black and white)
  • a detailed, easy to understand wiring diagram (not a technical sheet)
  • a generous amount of solder


  • Sprague “Orange Drop” poly capacitor, as standard & no additional cost
  • MojoTone Dijon Premium Foil/Film capacitor, $3 upgrade (From the manufacturer: “Mojotone Dijon capacitors are high quality foil/film capacitors made to our exact specification. We like to call them musical capacitors because of their good tone and transparency.”)
  • Mallory “Mustard” vintage-style capacitor, $4 upgrade
  • Centralab “Blue” mylar-in-oil capacitor, $13 upgrade
  • Tai Han “Royal Blue” paper-in-oil capacitor, $16 upgrade


  • P1 – Bridge pickup only (no tone control – raw bridge pickup tone)
  • P2 – Middle (lower tone control) & bridge pickups (no tone control – raw bridge pickup tone)
  • P3 – Middle pickup only (lower tone control)
  • P4 – Neck & middle pickups (independent tone control)
  • P5 – Neck pickup only (upper tone control)

While all of our pickup & wiring solutions & kits are built to be installed rather easily by most do-it-yourselfers, we always recommend that you have a guitar professional at your local guitar shop install them for you.

This SRV Strat style wiring harness kit is not considered complex and should not be difficult for a beginning DIY’er.

Contact Hoagland Custom with any questions regarding these handcrafted Hoagland Custom pickups, or any other guitar wiring solution that you might need.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in
Capacitor Upgrades

Sprague "Orange Drop" poly cap Std, MojoTone Dijon Coupling poly cap +$3, Mallory "Mustard" cap +$4, Centralab "White" mylar-in-oil cap +$13, Tai Han "Blue" paper-in-oil cap $16

Output Jack

Switchcraft mono output jack +$0, "Pure Tone" premium mono output jack +$6