Stratocaster – Clapton Mid-Boost Wiring Harness w/Upgraded CTS Tone Control & OD Cap


You bring the talent. We’ll supply the kick-ass wiring!

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Hoagland Custom, located in sunny Fernandina Beach, Florida, has specialized in custom guitar wiring and pickup building for almost 30 years… & we love what we do!

This is a Stratocaster wiring solution with the famous Eric Clapton Mid Boost Preamp tone mod. It is built with a Fender brand Mid Boost kit and crafted by hand. Pre-assembled by Hoagland Custom, this wiring harness will give you great service for years!

We did make two changes to Fender’s Mid Boost parts package.

The tone control they included was a cheap, imported pot and NOT a CTS or Bourns Pro Series tone control. We threw that junky pot away and used a rock-solid CTS 250k linear taper tone pot instead.

Also, the capacitor that they included with their kit was a cheap & nasty film cap. We have no idea why they did that to such a great mid boost kit! We threw that away and substituted a  much better quality Sprague “Orange Drop” cap that will make your tone sound SOOOOO much better than that junky film cap!

According to the Fender-supplied kit, it has a 25db gain.

This is a GREAT mod! And now you can have it in your Strat without having to build it from scratch! We do that for you!
One word, however:  you DO need to make room under/inside your pickguard for the battery/holder and the PCB (printed circuit board). The battery would fit inside the electronics cavity & the PCB should fit under the pickups. There may be some routing required. We do NOT guarantee that this will fit under your pickguard without some routing or adjustments on your part or the part of a guitar tech.

YOU CHOOSE – This mod will dial out some treble or it will dial out some bass – YOUR CHOICE – in addition to giving your output a BOOST!

HARDWARE:  (incl. dress nuts & washers, & switch mounting screws)

  • chrome


  • a Sprague “Orange Drop” capacitor, .022mfd value


  • 1 Fender brand “Eric Clapton” Mid-Boost Preamp Kit
  • 5-way lever style switch
  • Upgraded to a Sprague “Orange Drop” tone cap, .022mfd value
  • Upgraded CTS 250k linear-taper tone control
  • Switchcraft stereo output jack
  • Gavitt vintage style, cloth covered wire
  • easy to follow wiring diagram
  • tech support phone & email

While all of our wiring solutions are built to be installed rather easily, we always recommend that you have a guitar professional at your local guitar shop install it for you. There are a lot of variables (pickup brands & types, shielding, grounding, etc.) and your local guitar tech is well equipped to solve any installation problems you might have and get your guitar sounding it’s best!

Contact Hoagland Custom with any questions regarding this wiring solution, our custom, handcrafted Hoagland Custom pickups, or any other guitar wiring solution that you might need.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

Sprague "Orange Drop" poly cap +$0, Mojo "Dijon" Coupling cap +$3, Mallory "Mustard" vintage style cap +$4, Centralab "White" mylar-in-oil cap +$13


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