“Twisted Heywood” Tele Pickup Set – Neck & Bridge – Handcrafted by Heywood @ Hoagland Custom


GREAT “Twisted Heywood” custom-wound Tele handcrafted pickups…   

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Hoagland Custom, located in sunny Fernandina Beach, Florida, has specialized in custom guitar wiring and pickup making for over 25 years…

& we love what we do!

This is a custom-wound, handcrafted set of two (2) “Twisted Heywood” Telecaster pickups.

Heywood is a long time employee here at Hoagland Custom. He is constantly late for work and sometimes doesn’t show up at all.

But he winds KILLER pickups! So we named this set after Heywood. He was flattered.

But not enough to be on time for work.

The problem with almost all Tele neck pickups is that they tend to sound “muddy” and, the lower the quality of pickup, the muddier they sound. That is partially due to their neck position placement and, mostly, due to the elements of their construction. The neck cover just tends to filter out a TON of the sparkle & highs. If you like a really warm-sounding Tele neck pickup… good! If you DON’T and wish you had more highs… this set is for YOU!

Differences between a standard Tele neck pickup & a standard Strat neck pickup:

  • The standard Tele neck pickup has a shorter coil than a Strat (making for slightly less highs on the Tele)
  • The standard Tele neck pickup uses a thinner coil wire (43ga) than a Strat (42ga) (giving the Tele a more “open” kind of sound)
  • The standard Tele neck pickup has more winds of coil wire on it than the Strat pickup (giving it less highs)
  • The standard Tele neck pickup uses different magnet heights than a Strat – Tele neck pickups are flush with the top of the bobbin, that is, all the same height. Strat pickups magnets are staggered, that is, differing heights. This is done by the Strat pickup builder to accentuate the tone from some strings and retard the tone from others resulting in that signature Strat tone.
  • The standard Tele neck pickup usually has a metal cover (either brass or nickel/silver, that tends to attenuate (bleed to ground) highs making it sound “muddy”. The Strat neck has a plastic cover offering no effect on the pickup.


  • ~ Neck –wound to approx. 7.8k with raised D & G alnico 5 polepieces – no cover (for a much better tone & more highs!)
  • ~ Bridge – wound to approx. 9.4k with raised D & G alnico 5 polepieces
  • ~ Wax-potted to eliminate squealing & microphonics
  • ~ Gavitt vintage-style, cloth-covered leads
  • ~ Handcrafted with all “Made in the USA” parts (bobbins in North Carolina, magnets in Arkansas, pickup wire in Wisconsin, lead wire in New York)

There are a lot of variables that go into creating, or recreating a tone. While each item in your signal chain is important, no one item will do the job. Pickups, along with the way your guitar is wired, are probably the most important parts in your signal chain. Changing out the pickups/wiring has the biggest impact on your sound. If you are looking for a better-than-stock-Fender tone, THIS is where you start.

Premium quality pickups that are wound when you order them. We can custom-tailor the winding or the types of magnets to any spec that you’d like.

These pickups are handcrafted by Hoagland Custom and wound specifically FOR YOU. They are NOT “off-the-shelf” pickups. They are NOT relabeled imported pickups. We make these in our shop and they are the highest quality pickups you can buy made from 100% American made parts.

While all of our pickup & wiring solutions are built to be installed rather easily by most do-it-yourself’rs, we always recommend that you have a guitar professional at your local guitar shop install them for you.

Contact Hoagland Custom with any questions regarding these handcrafted Hoagland Custom pickups, or any other guitar wiring solution that you might need.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in
Neck Covers

No cover +$0, Chrome +$10, Open chrome cover +$15, Gold +$15, Open gold cover +$20, Nickel +$10, Open unplated cover +$15, Black +$15